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Why is Self Care so Important?

Take Care. A simple yet powerful statement you often use to tell others that you care. But when was the last time you said it? To yourself?

Self-care is not a trend. It is also not a choice. It is an essential part of life. While we show the natural inclination to put our loved-ones, our work, our friends and everything else ahead of us, most of us struggle when it comes to prioritizing ourselves first.

This pandemic has created a rather paradoxical situation, pushing us into a constricted space-time continuum where self-care has become a greater challenge than it ever was. With COVID 19 forcing us to rewire our brain, basic hygiene practices such as hand washing and sanitization are no longer good enough to qualify as self-care.

What is self-care?

With the millennial world moving a little further inward, the definition of self-care too has deepened to cover more than just physical care. We have begun to understand that treating ourselves well is not just a choice but a prerogative. The many aspects of this include physical, mental and emotional wellbeing with sensory, spiritual and social self-care taking the spotlight, especially in recent times.

Each arm of self-care being an imperative contributor to holistic wellbeing, it is pertinent to understand each one a little more in detail.

Physical self-care: This is an easy one and perhaps the most widely accepted form of selfcare. Preventive healthcare, fitness, diet and exercise are some aspects of physical self-care.

Sensory self-care: Living in the present and stimulating all our senses effectively enables us to live a content and fulfilling life. Letting go of anxieties, negative emotions, and limiting beliefs and patterns can open doors to happy and stress-free living.

Emotional self-care: While the millennials and Gen Z may be the most health-conscious generations of this era, they are also exposed to the highest levels of stress. And therefore, emotional upheavals, frustration and anger are emotions that need to be addressed intrinsically at the root.

Social Self-care: We are social animals and our core dwells on building relationships, community participation and social interactions. And many-a-times nurturing positive relationships and shutting out toxic ones can add a lot of meaning to our lives.

Spiritual self-care: This is an aspect which many of us may find hard to prioritize. A lot depends on our understanding of spirituality and the beliefs we carry. Believing and connecting with a Higher Power may lead us to find the true meaning of our existence – the purpose of life.

The power of self-care

Taking care of our body and appearance comes naturally to most of us. However, simply dwelling on the periphery may not give us the ultimate self-care that we truly need. Also, it is essential to understand that choosing to wear the oxygen mask first before helping others is not an act of selfishness. It is the only way we can truly transcend ourselves to a position where we can empower more lives. Being in touch with our inner self allows us to freely extend empathy to those around us.

How can a Selfcare coach help you?

While we all know that self-care is important, we often fail to check-in all boxes given the comfort we draw from being in our status quo. Questioning our status quo requires a shift in the center of gravity of our thought process. And even as we do manage to bring in instant changes in lifestyle, the real challenge lies in making it stick. The big picture can leave us feeling overwhelmed, leading to panic and even regression. A selfcare coach is not exactly a health coach but so much more. Working from a holistic angle, they help you achieve clarity and focus, to question your status quo and enable you to build a sustainable long-term plan to bring about the change. Armed with the right tools, they enable us to reflect on our current patterns and limitations and work with us to explore possible solutions that may actually work.

Self-care has the power to add positivity to our relationships. It ensures higher productivity and motivation at work besides enabling us to build stable and more fulfilling relationships. It ensures that we reach our life goals more quickly and efficiently.

So, what is holding you back from reaching your true potential? Until you find an answer to this question, I leave you with these words- Take care. You deserve it.

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