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Confidence: The core quality of a leader

Confidence is an exceptional quality to adorn. Be it a corporate meeting, a speech on stage or just addressing a small public gathering. It not only reflects in our social interactions but also in how we go about our day. In the long run, the mental imagery we create of ourselves affects how we realize our dreams.

Often times events from our past, such as childhood and adolescent experiences have a deep impact in shaping our personality as an adult. Pent-up negative emotions and memories about traumatic events and past failures can shatter the most confident of minds.

We often associate confidence with external stimuli such as a dress, money, success or looking a certain way. However, while these factors may help in establishing confidence in temporary flashes, changing the temperament from within is the most sustainable way of building a fortress of confidence. Luckily, it is a quality that can be easily acquired and honed (I don’t mean Instagramming your most peppy pics and getting a thousand ‘likes’).

Small tweaks to your lifestyle can make all the difference. Here we zero-in on some tried and tested selfcare tips to help boost your confidence so that you shine from within.

Prioritize physical selfcare

Yes. Looking good on the outside can have a profound impact on the way you feel. Regular exercise, a healthy diet, a good skin care regime, wearing clean and crisp clothes that are situationally appropriate can add oodles of confidence. Be mindful of the signals your body sends out and take a minute’s pause to destress your body and mind. The key is to make it a daily routine and not a quick-fix solution for your mood swings.

Practice gratitude

Take the desperation out of your needs. A little bit of gratitude can add more positivity to every situation no matter how bad it is. Sending out positive vibes about everything that is actually even doing you an ounce of good can make things look more uphill. For example, instead of feeling glum about the last five pounds of weight that won’t go away, send a thank you note to your body for just enabling you to work things out so far along. This is a very effective positive psychology method to empower yourself. And very soon you will realize that you’ve come a long way!

Run your own race

Comparison is the worst enemy of confidence. Each time you compare any aspect of your life with someone else’s, remember you are taking a step back in your journey. You may not only lose momentum but also lose your way. Especially because no two people can be on the same journey. It is very important to avoid a judgmental mindset. The only one you should be comparing yourself with is you. So that you become a better version of the 'past you'.

Live in the moment

The most powerful moment of your life is now. Don’t let bad experiences of the past or worries about the uncertainty of your future make your present powerless. Dwelling in these thoughts can rob you of charm and push you into serious doubts about every step you take in life. Its time to seize the day and propel yourself into the best possible future.

Make time for the people you love

Surrounding yourself with love is nourishment for your soul. Allocate time daily for meeting people you love and/or feel loved around. This not only empowers us with positive energy but also enables us to heal from any toxic interactions of the past while reminding you that you deserve love.

Get some ‘ME-time’

Being surrounded by people all the time can be overwhelming. It is important to balance our social life with chunks of regular alone-time. Grab a cup of coffee, catch a movie, visit landmarks in the city or just simply sit on a park bench and read a book - just by yourself. There is no shame in hanging out alone at times. Spending time alone can help build self-worth while giving you a sense of pride that you can accomplish somethings solo.

Turn vulnerability into strength

Public appearances can come naturally to some people, while others may struggle to even stand up tall. Since humans are social animals, our minds are naturally programmed to absorb social reinforcement. We unconsciously expect social acceptance and even change our behaviors to get social recognition (ahem...yes that's social media) . The best way to reinstall lost confidence is to put your best foot forward in front of others so that your performance is seen by all. And this when done without the fear of judgment can boost confidence by several notches.

Take the leap of faith

Opportunities are often missed because we are paralyzed by the fear of consequences. But action and movement are always better than no action at all. Inaction often leads to long periods of dullness, lack of self-worth and self-doubt due to overthinking. Often the best and the safest option is to take the leap of faith, knowing the risks involved. And very soon you will realize that your fears were in fact baseless.

It is important to learn and unlearn...sometimes at the same time in life. Life coaching often revolves around helping people with their confidence. And there is no singular solution to make it work for everyone. Strategies to building positive habits and gaining confidence need to be tailored to individual needs.

We all require a nudge every now and then to boost confidence. And it all begins with the first step towards self care.

What is your mantra for confidence? How do you think you can get there?

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