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Take your wellbeing to the next level 
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Feel empowered and break free from your limiting beliefs and patterns. Enjoy the true essence of freedom.

Build your best self that is completely aligned with your inner being - a disease-free, stress-free life.

Experience breakthroughs that lead to remarkable results. Powerful and positive changes in career, relationships and your entire wellbeing.

Care for yourself just like you care for others.

Self love is hard. Especially because of the constant chatter from the self-critical monkey in your mind. Give yourself the much deserved break, the carefree indulgence.

Don't wait for yourself to be wound up to unwind. Self care may be different for everyone. Don't let anyone pin you down a one-size-fits-all solution. 

Find out what's stopping you.

Happy Girl

In my 10+ years of corporate experience, there's one valuable lesson I've learnt...NO ONE CARES until YOU DO! 

I’m sure you have come across many self care programs, and maybe even tried a few, but none of them have stuck around with you. When we start on something new, we are high on rush, the adrenaline boosting us. Be it an exercise program or a diet or a mindfulness practice strategy. But very soon it starts to taper off as the adrenaline wears off! How many times have you quit on yourself right around Day 10 or Day 20? (Many of you haven’t even made it that far…)

The real question here is what is it that would make a self-care plan sustainable? The Secret Sauce lies in the fact that for any self care program to work, it needs to be specifically designed for you… This is why most over-the-counter internet-based exercise programs and diet plans fail...because they are not specifically designed for your personal needs.

The best self care program for you should be built by you and you alone. Only you know what works for you!

Here’s a DIY self care program for you that lets you understand what you need, pick up the loose strings for you and allows you the space and comfort that you require to make it work…LONG TERM.

My personalized selfcare program enables you to design a fail-safe method for yourself. I let you introspect, brainstorm and debate with yourself to come up with answers that fill in the missing pieces of the jigsaw.


I help you identify barriers, limiting patterns and self-sabotaging beliefs that have been holding you back and empower you to make a shift from them. Auriga Me allows you that confidential, non-judgmental space where a setback is only a diversion…a stepping stone up the hill to a holistic selfcare transformation.

Coaching programs

This is for you if you are looking to...

  • Make changes to your life that lead you to a more purposeful future

  • Get clarity on your goals

  • Know what's keeping you stuck

  • Create a strong fail-safe action plan 

  • Spearhead in your career

  • Find happiness and build strong, meaningful relationships

  • Feel confident and self-motivated

  • Improve communication and productivity and manage time better

  • Eliminate negativity and fears

What you get 

  • Get insights that help you understand yourself and  your emotions better

  • Belief and trust in your inner worth

  • Build and boost true self confidence that stays with you

  • Making space for yourself even while on a crazy schedule

  • Greater productivity, happiness and decision making ability

  • Design self care habits that let you give more to your loved ones

  • Install positive habits that lead to better health

  • Transform negative patterns and fear 

The 6- week Self Transformation Program


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Vidya Chandrasekaran 
Executive Coach, Career Mentor

Gayathri led me to learn from my mistakes and find unique solutions to my time-management issues. This is something no self-help book can provide. For the first time I met someone who heard me out completely without judging me...


Lakshmi Thorvi 
Vocalist, Voice Culture Trainer

I took the 6-week one-on-one program with Gayathri and it has indeed made a huge impact on my lifestyle. These sessions  enabled me to learn the exact way of life and bring about sustained changed that I am still experiencing. Thanks a lot Gayathri! I feel self care is a very important factor in today's world and I highly recommend this program. 

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